“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful places.”

Our daughter Grace (lovingly known by many as 'Honey') was born March 11, 2006 with an after birth diagnosis of Down Syndrome. We were shocked and scared of the unknown. What did this mean? What were we going to do? What was our life, her life, going to be like?
There were some difficult days but our life with Grace continues to amaze us! We have watched her work hard every single day, since the day she was born, which makes us so incredibly proud. She has taught us all so many lessons that have changed our lives, and with her we want to change the world.
I recently learned that individuals with disabilities have an employment rate of less than 20%. I knew I had to do something to change that, so when I saw an opportunity with Dreamers Merchant Coffee, I was all on board!
Grace, like all children, learns from watching others - and I know that by watching this business grow, Grace will have the opportunity to learn independence, self confidence, and to empower herself to be included in society.

Thank you for supporting our dream!